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Welcome to Palmetto Physical Therapy

OUR MISSION is to combine the most effective manual therapy techniques and functional exercises enabling our clients to achieve a greater quality of life in the shortest time possible.  We strive to be the leader in physical rehabilitation and pain management while maintaining the highest standard of care.  We will give you the time and attention that you deserve while working hard to get you better quickly.

Palmetto Physical Therapy was opened in January 2003 by  Chris Connor and Paul Hamberis.  We felt there was a need for a physical therapy clinic that specialized in treating pain with a manual therapy approach.  Our goal was to develop an atmosphere where patients receive one-on-one care from the same therapist for the duration of their therapy and to deliver quality treatment that focuses on the cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms.  The layout of the clinic incorporates five private treatment rooms and an open gym area for exercise.  The front office is designed to be patient friendly further encouraging a comfortable atmosphere and positive experience.
Our patients at Palmetto Physical Therapy are given the highest quality care and attention.  There is only one patient per therapist for an entire 45 minute treatment session and patients continue to see the same therapist at every visit.  We incorporate a unique blend of specialized manual therapy techniques combined with functional training and augmentative exercise in order to get patients better as quickly as possible, usually in less than six visits.  We have a ‘hands on’ approach meaning that our hands are our primary tools used in treatment.  Focus is placed on finding the true source of the problem, not just treating the symptoms.
We are committed to putting our patient’s needs first by developing individualized treatment programs for each person depending on their condition.   We use the latest research and most effective techniques to provide our patients with the professional care they deserve, and we expect positive outcomes as a result of it.