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First visit

When you arrive, you will…..

  • Provide a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card (if filing).
  • Fill out new patient forms (approx. 10 minutes).
  • Start your appointment on time.

When your appointment begins….

  • You will be in a private treatment room.
  • The therapist will conduct a thorough interview, examination, assessment and treatment.

Interview: We listen to you and we ask questions to explore your complaints in more detail. We will ask for information concerning but not limited to the current problem, prior treatments, testing that has been performed, and the history of your complaint.
Examination: Using the information from the interview as our guide, we will examine such things as movement difficulties, neurologic function and muscle/joint function (strength, range of motion, stiffness).
Assessment: We will discuss the nature of your problem, the cause for the symptoms and the best way to resolve the problem.
Treatment: This will most likely consist of a combination of manual therapy (link to “manual therapy” page) and exercise. After the treatment, your symptoms will be reassessed with an expectation of a change in symptoms.

  • A plan for your care will conclude the session which will include the duration and type of treatment necessary.

As you leave….

  • You will need to check out at the front desk, pay if required and schedule a follow-up appointment.